Kit for flavoring alcohol Various flavors

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Live the full experience by creating homemade gin, vodka with flavors of Thailand, Turkey and Mexico and rum with aromas of the Caribbean thanks to the kit to flavor alcohol Various flavors. Dose the intensity of the flavors to flavor the alcohol according to your tastes.

With this kit you can make 5 kinds of flavored alcohols.

Homemade gin

A delicious gin with strong flavors and a touch of citrus.

Three kinds of vodka

Flavors of Thailand

A freshly spiced vodka that adds a lemony flavor to your cocktails.

Flavors of Turkey

A vodka with a sweet spice blend that will enhance the taste of your cocktails.

Flavors of Mexico

The smoky side of this vodka will give a touch of the most original to your cocktails.

Flavors of the West Indies for rum

The warmth of the West Indies emerges from this blend of spices and fruit creating an amber rum brimming with exotic flavors.

This is a great idea for a hostess gift or exchange for Christmas!

The kit also contains a bottle, a metal funnel with a filter and the procedure to follow. This DIY kit is very simple to use.

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