Essential Oil Diffuser

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The bamboo and glass diffuser is essential to refresh the home with the sublime scents of La Vie essential oil blends. In addition to being useful to refresh the air, it harmonizes fabulously with all decors.

To form the perfect assortment complete with the essential oil blends - an essential to refresh the rooms of the house.


Glass and Bamboo
Diameter 5" x 8.4" height
Broadcast coverage of up to 320 sq. ft.
6h to 8h of streaming time
Timer 1h-2h

7 alternative light colors

IRIS diffuser by Le Comptoir Aroma.

Le Comptoir Aroma diffusers are guaranteed for 1 year from the date of purchase, provided that the diffuser is properly used according to the instructions provided in the user's manual. Otherwise, no warranty will be granted. We invite you to refer to the "Problem Solving" section in the user manual before exchanging the product. Should any problem occur during the warranty period, the consumer may contact the retailer to find out how to proceed and how to replace the product. The original purchase receipt must be provided.

The warranty does not cover breakage or defects due to misuse or improper maintenance of the unit (Example: unit not cleaned regularly).


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