Box of 6 Chocolates - Christmas Edition

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Here are 3 new creations with fun flavors. Reassuring but surprising flavors, daring but delicate, with just enough character. All coated with 70% dark chocolate, 2 bites of each.

Ginger cookie and camerese caramel*
Dune Pepper** and Cranberry Caramel*** Biscuit
Almond and Saskatoon berry caramel cookie****

We like this pretty box of 6 for its exclusive and ephemeral side, flavors that will make their only appearance for the holidays.

Ingredients proudly from here or from local agriculture

* St. Louis berry camellias
** Pepper from the forest dunes and taste buds
*** Cranberries from Les airelles des frères
**** Wild Gourmet Saskatoon berries

Weight: 60 g
Cooling date: 2 months in a cool and dry place

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